Navruz bayram Celebration

Apr 16, 2023

By Kamila Erkaboyeva, BUS Membership Officer

There is a beautiful saying in Uzbek “Boylik- boylik emas, birlik boylikdir” translating as ‘wealth is not wealth, unity is wealth’ and Navruz celebration is a perfect example, where everyone comes together.

On 30th of March, Embassy of Uzbekistan welcomed guests from various sectors, and friends of British-Uzbek Society for a very special Navruz bayram celebration. The lingering scent of Uzbek plov prepared by Oshpaz has been hypnotising those walking by from miles away at the heart of Holland Park. HE Ambassador Said Rustamov extended his welcome to the guests as the evening has started, and evolved into a celebration full of traditional dancing, singing and various performances. Islom Orifjonov, Attaché, Head of Science, Education, Culture & Healthcare also welcomed and shared interesting facts about the historical roots and meaning of Novruz. Rosa Vercoe, Chairperson of the BUS reminded the audience that the celebration of Navruz was one of the great holidays among the peoples of Central Asia. Mahmud Kashgari in the work “The Turk lugs the Divan” cites many folk songs dedicated to Navruz. Information about the Navruz holiday is found in the “Monuments of Past Generations” by Abu Raykhan Beruni, “Navruzname” by Umar Khayyam, in the works of Alisher Navoi, Zahiriddin Babur and other scientists and poets.

The embassy of Uzbekistan welcome guests from varieties of sectors, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds. Some wore bold, vibrant, hard-to-miss ikats and adras chapans, some were in awe, still learning about the traditional attire of Uzbekistan. This is exactly what we also trying to welcome and achieve here, at British-Uzbek Society.

Massive thank you to HE Ambassador Said Rustamov and the staff at the Embassy of Uzbekistan for organising such a great celebration. A wonderful get-together to say the least!

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