Talk on Uzbek cinematography by Professor Birgit Beumers

Oct 27, 2022

On 27th October the British-Uzbek Society and the Embassy of Uzbekistan will host a talk on Uzbek cinematography by Professor Birgit Beumers that will commence at 6.30pm. Her talk will explore trends in recent Uzbek cinema, both in terms of its industry structures and film production mechanisms, and in terms of the status of Uzbek cinema in Central Asia and beyond. Professor Beumers will look specifically at works by filmmakers such as Yolkin Tuichev, Rashid Malikov, and Zulfikar Musakov, but also the films, installations and video projects of Paris-based Saodat Ismailova. She will address questions of film aesthetics to determine the extent to which Uzbek cinema is integrated into discourses of the regions (specifically other Central Asian countries) and of Russian cinema.

To register your attendance of the talk, please email to: by 20th October.

Prior to Professor’s talk we will hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the British-Uzbek Society that will commence at 5.30pm. The purpose of the meeting is for the chairperson, Louis Skyner, to report on the Society’s activity over the past year and its current finances, and to elect directors and a chairperson of the Society (pursuant to the Society’s Articles of Association the current directors are standing down after serving for terms of three years). Before the election the candidates will be given chance to present their vision and plan for the Society.

Please note that only people who are paid up members of the Society on 27thOctober 2022 may participate and vote at the AGM, and put themselves forward as a candidate for the position of director and chairperson. In order to effectively organise the AGM we should be grateful if those people who wish to stand for election notify the current chairperson, Louis Skyner, by sending him a mail to by 20thOctober 2022.

The AGM and talk by Professor Beumers will be followed by a reception.